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Smart Watches & Fitness Trackers

Technology is constantly getting smarter, smoother and better at making our lives easier - and Fitness Trackers and Smart watches are a perfect example of this. But what exactly is a smartwatch, how does it work, what are the benefits and what should you think about before buying one? We sort out the concepts. Here you will find some affordable Activity Bands and Training Watches to make your outdoors experience more enjoyable. Check them out and get yours today. Happy Living!

What is an activity band?

A Fitness Tracker is a watch that follows your movements around the clock and can measure the number of steps, distance, sleep quality and calorie consumption. The data is then transferred to your mobile or computer to give you full insight into your health.

Fitness Trackers are also called exercise bracelets, smart bands and activity bracelets and can be a good way to get started with a healthier lifestyle. They can be used during your outdoors activities. Be it Walking, Hiking, Trekking or Camping you need one. They can be used for several other purposes, to lose weight, to move more or to gain better insight into their overall health.

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