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Inflatable Outdoor Air Mattresses

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This easily inflatable camp mattress is lush enough to even sleep on it at home.  It is an engineered to be a foam between you and the cold, hard ground.


Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress
Outdoor Activity: Camping
Model Number: WSCM-001
By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump
Material: EVA

Customer Reviews

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Thora Conn

It came in 17 days by new mail. The product fully corresponds to the description. The mattress is very rustling when not inflated, but then good. After use, I will add a review

Tate Haag

Quality mattress! Made soundly. In the kit there is a bag for storage, an elastic band for a compact styling, a couple of patches for the case of PE. Inflates without much effort, rotary :) the valve does not Etch, the descent is fast and the package does not take long. With my height of 182 I put completely, with comfort and still stock is. I recommend using with karemat, because. The cold from the floor in the touch places is still held. Shelest is not critical, I do not interfere.

Dianna Bauch

gabyeobgo, keugiga jag-aseo joh-eum. Air injection time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. A little lack of fluffy. Good for being light and small in size. Air injection time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. A little lack of fluffy. Good for being light and small in size.

Jacquelyn Wunsch

Wow - arrived within 10 days. Amazing- normally products take 2-3 months to arrive. I was able to use it on my camping trip this weekend. It worked very well. The inflatable bag I found to be useless but it only took about 10 breaths to inflate the mattress to capacity anyways. Was a very comfortable sleep and packs up very easily afterwards. 10/10 would recommend to a friend

Phyllis Rohan

Complete mind satisfied with the mat meets all my expectations when the real deflated vis had no confidence but once inflated if he fulfilled it completely, since by testing it with the sleeping bag they are very comfortable and if they isolate the floor and the best the almuada that brings the exelent mat They arrived in good condition and are exactly like the decription