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Bait casting Fishing Reel

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Best fit for all your Fishing Rods. Quality Material that is made to last. Get a grip on your Bait casting Fishing Reel. It has a magnetic brake system and can be used in saltwater or sweet water fishing.

Fishing Reels Type: Bait & cast Reel
Gear Ratio: 7.2:1
Brake System: Centrifugal & Magnetic System
Weight: 207g
Line Spool Weight: 74g
Lure Weight: 0.18oz-1.23oz (5g-35g)
Max Drag: 5.5KG
Line Capacity deep spool (mm-M): 0.18-200/0.23-170/0.28-150
Line Capacity shallow spool (mm-M): 0.165-200/0.235-170/0.285-150
Spool Material: Aluminum CNC Spool
Spool size: deep/shallow
Choice: Right/Left Handed